Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party presents an “inclusive alternative” to the ruling Left Democratic Front and the Opposition United Democratic Front in Kerala.

“For decades, LDF and UDF have dominated the politics of Kerala but they have miserably failed the people of Kerala,” Modi said at a public meeting in Kozhikode. “BJP presents an alternative that is inclusive, democratic and compassionate.”

He claimed the LDF, an alliance of left-wing parties, and the UDF, an alliance led by the Congress, are different “only in name, but same in deeds”. “Both have taken turns to loot the state,” Modi said. “Electing the Congress and Communists is like giving a license to their leaders to engage in top-level corruption.”

Modi alleged that backdoor appointment have taken place in public sector undertakings and said there was no vision for industrial development in the state. “UDF has a full dictionary of scams, LDF is no better,” he said, according to Hindustan Times.

Modi referred to the Income Tax raids in Madhya Pradesh against aides of Chief Minister Kamal Nath as the “Tughlak Road election scam”. “In Madhya Pradesh, crores of rupees, bags of cash have been found,” he said. “Detailed probes revealed that the money trail reaches the house of a top Congress leader in Delhi’s Tughlak Road.”

He said the Congress formed the government in Madhya Pradesh after a long time, but its leaders have used the opportunity to grab money.

On women’s empowerment, Modi said: “The Communists as well as the Congress have blatant double standards when it comes to empowering women. The so-called defenders of women’s rights are at the forefront when it comes to holding on to the barbaric practice of triple talaq.”

In a veiled reference to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from Wayanad constituency in the Lok Sabha polls, Modi said: “Beware of those who come to Kerala not to serve the people of the state but to serve themselves. Top political leaders are coming to Kerala for their own political bailout.”

Modi had also addressed rallies in Maharashtra and Karnataka earlier in the day.