Fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya on Friday claimed that the State Bank of India is wasting Indian taxpayers’ money on paying legal fees to pursue his extradition case in the United Kingdom.

Mallya, who owes Indian banks over Rs 9,000 crore, fled to the United Kingdom in 2016. The United Kingdom signed an order to extradite him on February 4. He is currently on bail on an extradition warrant.

“Whilst media love sensational headlines, why doesn’t anybody ask the public sector unit State Bank of India under Right to Information on how much they are spending on legal fees trying to recover money from me in the UK when I have offered 100% payback in India,” he tweeted. He said assets belonging to him in the UK were sold for almost 50% of their value, and the sale of the remaining assets will not cover the SBI’s legal costs.

The businessman claimed that the SBI’s lawyers were making presentations on their accomplishments against him, at Indian taxpayers’ cost. Mallya added that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had himself said that his dues had already been fully recovered in India.

“Properties worth Rs 14,000 crore belonging to Vijay Mallya have been seized even though total liability against him stands at Rs 9,000 crore,” the prime minister had said in an interview with Republic TV last month.