Beverage company Hamdard Laboratories on Thursday said Rooh Afza, a popular rose-coloured beverage that it manufactures, was available at all major retail stores and grocery outlets across the country amid reports of a supply shortage.

Several users on social media had complained they were not able to find Rooh Afza in stores. The company, however, said the beverage – which is popular in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, and served during the iftar evening meal when Muslims end the Ramzan fast – was being produced at “peak capacity” at factories.

“Due to Ramzan and peak summer season coinciding, there has been an unprecedented demand in the market,” Hamdard Laboratories said in a statement. “Hamdard was facing supply constraints of certain herbal ingredients which were not available due to a temporary shortage.”

The company said it was ensuring the beverage reaches shops across the country through “full-capacity production and a well-planned distribution infrastructure”.

“The organisation urges discerning consumers and the trade not to be misled by incorrect information being circulated online and in print about non-availability of Rooh Afza,” it added.

Usama Qureshi, the chairperson of Hamdard Pakistan, had said on Tuesday that the company would send its products to India via the Wagah crossing at short notice if allowed by the Indian government.

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