Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said on Thursday that she had never seen a prime minister who was weaker or a bigger coward than Narendra Modi, PTI reported.

“I have not seen a prime minister who is weaker or a bigger coward than Modi,” she said at a rally in Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh. “Political power neither comes from campaigning nor does it come from boasting on the television.”

Vadra claimed that Modi had failed to answer people’s questions on “unfulfilled promises” about providing two crore jobs and doubling the income of farmers. “People are the biggest in democracy,” she said. “One should have power to listen and redress people’s problems. He should have the power to listen to the opposition. Leave aside listening to you, this PM does know how to reply to you.”

Vadra said Modi had promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in every account and employment to two crore youth, “but nothing has been done”. “You are slipping into debt while the debts of the big lobbyist are being waived off,” she added, according to ANI. “They never show any sympathy for you.”

The Congress leader claimed that farmers’ insurance money was never paid to them and they were struggling with the menace of stray cattle. “If PM is so powerful, he should tell why he couldn’t solve your problems,” she said. “In every speech he mentions Pakistan but he should also tell you what his government has done and will do in the next five years. We are here due to you people and you have made us leader. People are bigger, not us.”

She alleged that the prime minister did not give time to the thousands of farmers who had gathered in Delhi to highlight the farm distress. Vadra claimed Modi could not even spare five minutes for his constituency, Varanasi.

She also blamed the BJP for diluting the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. “If our party is voted to power, we will increase the number of days a person can work under MNREGA from 100 days to 150 days,” she claimed.