A Singapore-bound Scoot Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Chennai airport early on Monday. The plane, which departed from Trichy, landed after the pilots detected smoke in the aircraft’s cargo, PTI reported.

“Singapore-bound Scoot Airways flight TR 567 flying from Trichy (Tamil Nadu) made an emergency landing at Chennai airport after the pilot detected smoke in the aircraft cargo around 3.40 am today [Monday],” an unidentified airport official told PTI. “The pilot had requested an emergency landing, which was granted by the ATC [air traffic control].”

The flight had over 160 passengers and crew members on board. The authorities said that all of them had safely disembarked from the aircraft and were provided accommodation in the city.

The pilots detected the spark when the plane was still in the Indian airspace, officials told PTI. The Chennai airport was contacted immediately and firefighters were on standby.

The plane that took off from Trichy around 1.50 am landed at Chennai as it is the alternative airport for emergencies, airport officials told The Times of India. The flight was grounded at Chennai airport because the duty time limit for the crew had expired.

The flight will be flown back to Singapore on Monday evening.