Delhi and the National Capital Region reeled under heatwave conditions on Thursday, reported PTI. The Palam Observatory registered a maximum temperature of 46.8°C, the highest in May since 2013 when it had touched 47.2°C.

The India Meteorological Department declared a heatwave when the maximum temperature recorded at a weather station reaches at least 40°C or more in the plains, 37°C or more in coastal stations and at least 30°C in hilly regions.

The Safdarjung Observatory recorded a maximum of 44.7°C, the highest for the season so far. The minimum temperature was 26.8°C. The maximum temperature at the Ridge and Ayanagar observatories were 46.4°C and 46°C.

“The temperature in the Palam area is always one or two notches more than that at the rest of the places because it’s open,” IMD’s Regional Weather Forecasting Chief Kuldeep Srivastav told PTI. “Emissions due to high aviation activity also adds to the heat.”

Srivastav said severe heat wave conditions will prevail in parts of Delhi over the next three-four days. According to the India Meteorological Department, the weather is likely to remain the same till next Wednesday. On Friday, the national Capital is likely to record a maximum temperature of 45°C.