A security officer of a private airline has been arrested for allegedly raping a 25-year-old air hostess at a flat in Andheri, Mumbai, the police said on Wednesday. Swapnil Badoniya, 23, confessed to the crime, and was sent to police custody till June 10, reported India Today.

The alleged incident took place on Tuesday night at a flat where Badoniya lived as a paying guest along with two other men. In her complaint, the woman alleged that Badoniya’s flatmates were also involved in the assault. “We are investigating the role of the other roommates in the crime,” Senior Police Inspector Nitin Alaknure at MIDC police station told The Indian Express.

Badoniya and the woman work with the same airline, and were friends. The woman had come from Hyderabad. The police said Badoniya and the complainant travelled in the same car from the airport and she dropped him near a mall in Malad. “She went home, dropped off her luggage and then came back to the mall, where the accused was waiting for her,” said an unidentified police officer. The officer said the two then went to a bar. “They consumed alcohol until the bar closed. They drank so much that the complainant only remembers throwing up inside the bar.”

Badoniya then took her to his apartment where two of his roommates and a female friend were present. The complainant alleged that the men took advantage of her situation and raped her one after the other. However, she realised it only after she woke up the next morning. The woman also found injury marks on her body.