The Eco India sustainability magazine show, which is produced by the video team of in collaboration with Germany’s public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, was awarded the intermedia globe silver prize in the “Documentaries: Sustainability” category at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg on Friday.

Eco India aims at creating awareness about solutions being developed to tackle the most pressing problems affecting the environment at present. It brings to viewers stories of innovations from across India and Europe, and the people who make them possible.

The prize was given for an episode published in December 2018, where the first story highlights how large quantities of flower waste generated at places of worship in India are being recycled into incense sticks.

The World Media Festivals is a premier European event where audiovisual, print and online productions from areas such as information, education and entertainment are recognised and honoured. The event is an initiative of an international media and marketing solutions company called Intermedia, which was founded in 1965. It provides “strategic communications services for companies, associations, governmental and other, non-commercial organisations”.

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