United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of misleading voters in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Gandhi also alleged that “many types of doubts” had cropped up against the country’s electoral process, NDTV reported.

“All types of tactics were adopted to woo voters,” she said. “Everyone in this country knows whether whatever happened in the elections was moral or immoral.” The United Progressive Alliance chairperson was speaking to party members at a ‘thanksgiving programme’ at the Bhuemau guest house in Raebareli.

The Bharatiya Janata Party secured a landmark majority of seats in the Lok Sabha elections, winning 303 seats on its own while the National Democratic Alliance won 352 seats. The Congress, however, won only 52 seats out of the 543. The Congress won just one seat – Sonia Gandhi’s Rae Bareli – of the 80 seats in the state during the Lok Sabha elections. Of Uttar Pradesh’s 80 seats, the Congress won just one seat – Sonia Gandhi’s Raebareli.

Alluding to the alleged tampering of electronic voting machines, Gandhi said that it is “the greatest misfortune that limits of dignity are crossed to retain the power”. “In the past few years, many types of doubts have emerged regarding our electoral process,” she said.

On June 1, Gandhi was elected the chairperson of the Congress Parliamentary Party at a meeting of the newly elected Congress Lok Sabha MPs. “Your vote to the Congress party is a vote for safeguarding our Constitution, a vote for economic and social progress, a vote for liberty, and for social justice,” Gandhi had said in her speech.

Let me speak the truth: Priyanka Gandhi

Congress General Secretary in charge of eastern UP Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who accompanied the United Progressive Alliance chairperson, lashed out at her own party members who she said “did not work for the party in the elections”.

“I did not want to deliver any speech here but since I have been asked to speak, let me speak the truth,” Vadra said. “The truth is that this election was won with the help of Sonia Gandhi and the people of Raebareli.”