The staff of a state-run community healthcare centre in Muzaffarnagar district in Uttar Pradesh on Friday shut the gates of the medical facility and left for home, unaware that an unconscious patient was lying inside, PTI reported on Saturday. The incident took place in the district’s Faloda village in Purkazi block.

Sonia, 30, had been taken to the healthcare centre for treatment on Friday. While she was lying unconscious on one of the beds in the afternoon, the staff of the centre, including a doctor, left the place as their duty hours were over, the news agency said.

A few hours later, the woman regained consciousness and finding herself alone, shouted for help. Residents living nearby heard her cries and alerted officials, who let her out.

Chief Medical Officer Dr PS Mishra told PTI that a staff member had been suspended and four other officials, including Medical Officer Dr Mohit Kumar and Chief Pharmacist Praveen Kumar, were transferred following the incident.

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr BK Ojha will head an investigation into the incident, Mishra said. He added that the inquiry report has to be submitted within three days, and strict action will be taken against the guilty.