The Madhya Pradesh Assembly on Tuesday passed a Bill providing 27% reservation for Other Backward Classes in the state, ANI reported.

The Madhya Pradesh Lok Seva (Anusuchit Jatiyon, Anusuchit Jan Jatiyon aur Anya Pichhade Vargon ke Liye Arakshan) Amendment Bill, 2019, will increase the reservation for OBCs from 14% to 27%.

The Cabinet of the Kamal Nath-led Congress government had on July 5 approved the bill. He had first announced in March, just over a month before the Lok Sabha elections began, that his government will increase reservation for OBCs. With this, Madhya Pradesh will have 63% caste-based reservations. This is 13% more than the limit prescribed by the Supreme Court.

The Scheduled Castes get 16% reservation and Scheduled Tribes get 20% currently.

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