The Directorate General of Civil Aviation on Monday suspended the flying licences of two pilots – Ajinkya Hanchate and Tushar Dasgupta – for a year, the Hindustan Times reported. Their SpiceJet flight from Jaipur to Mumbai overshot while landing on July 1 and led to the closure of Mumbai airport for more than three days.

The aviation regulator also ordered the pilots to undergo “corrective training” before trying to fly again.

Preliminary investigation by the regulator said that final approach of the plane was unstabilised and resulted in runaway excursion. “The final approach was unstabilised and aircraft touched down with high speed at approximately 1,600 metres from runway 27 threshold,” the aviation regulator said in its order.

The two pilots failed to exercise due caution and did not take corrective measures. The Boeing 737 plane floated for longer time and landed after consuming half the runway 27, the order said.

“This incident would have turned fatal had the aircraft not got stuck in mud,” an unidentified senior DGCA official told The Economic Times. “The pilots clearly violated all procedures and need to be punished.”

The incident also led to cancellation of nearly 230 flights and 400 others were delayed because the main runway of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport could not be used. After this, DGCA also ordered six prominent airports to buy Disabled Aircraft Retrieval Kit or DARK.