Students at the Uttar Pradesh University of Medical Sciences in Etawah were allegedly made to walk around the campus with their heads tonsured, shows a viral video on social media. The video showed students walking from the hostel to the hospital and then to their classes.

The students are in the first year and the incident is suspected to be of ragging, PTI reported. In the video, the students can be seen walking in a single file with their heads bowed and their arms behind their backs.


University Vice Chancellor Raj Kumar said he was unaware of the ragging incident, PTI reported. He added that he will look into the matter.

“We keep a strict watch on such activities and have taken action against those breaking discipline [in the past] and have also suspended them,” Kumar asserted. “I also want to assure new students that they have nothing to fear. They can bring any such activity to the notice of the anti-ragging committee or their warden.”

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