The Indian Space Research Organisation on Monday released latest pictures of the moon taken by its spacecraft Chandrayaan-2. In a statement, ISRO said the photographs captured are those of the craters Somerfeld, Kirkwood, Jackson, Mach, Korolev, Mitra, Plaskett, Rozhdestvenskiy and Hermite.

India has named Crater Mitra after Professor Kumar Mitra, an Indian physicist and Padma Bhushan recipient.

ISRO said the images were taken on August 23 by the Terrain Mapping Camera-2 of Chandrayaan-2 from a distance of about 4,375 kilometres. The space agency had on August 22 released the first picture. The agency identified two significant moon landmarks on the image – Apollo crater and Mare Orientale basin.

Chandrayaan-2 was launched into space on July 22. On August 20, it successfully entered the lunar orbit. The spacecraft is scheduled to land on the moon on September 7 after the lander’s separation from the Orbiter on September 2.