Bharatiya Janata Party leader MLA Surendra Singh on Saturday said West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee should become the prime minister of Bangladesh if wished to keep infiltrators in the country, PTI reported. Singh added that the National Register of Citizens – whose stated aim is to eliminate illegal immigrants from genuine Indians – will be implemented in West Bengal.

Banerjee is a strong critic of the database of citizens, and has time and again said that she will not allow NRC to be enforced in her state. In Assam, over 19 lakh people were excluded in the final list of the register, which was published on August 31.

“It seems that Mamata is forgetting that bad days are approaching her,” Singh said. “If Mamata wants to do politics by protecting the infiltrators from Bangladesh then she should become the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.” He added that the NRC will be implemented in the state and undocumented migrants would be given “two packets of food” and sent to their homes.

The BJP MLA from Bairia in Uttar Pradesh added that he will not tolerate foreigners residing in India as refugees and influencing politics. “Mamata Banerjee can stay in India since she is from here,” said Singh. “But if she takes inspiration from anti-nationalistic feelings then she will be taught a lesson like P Chidambaram and others,” Singh said. Chidambaram is currently lodged in Tihar Jail, in 14-day judicial custody, in connection with INX Media case.

Singh also reportedly referred to Ramayana as he spoke about BJP’s performance in the Lok Sabha elections. “People of Lanka did not allow Hanumanji but he managed to get there,” ANI quoted him as saying. “Likewise, Yogi and Amit Shah entered [West Bengal] and we got many seats there. Mamata Banerjee is political queen [Lankini] of Bengal, Ram has made debut there and there will be a change in government soon.”

In the General Elections, the BJP increased its seat share in Bengal to 18 from two seats that it won in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. The Trinamool Congress had secured 22 seats this time, down from 34.

In a rally in West Bengal on Thursday, Banerjee had challenged the BJP to replicate NRC in the state. She had also cautioned that if “even one person in Bengal” was touched, she would teach a lesson to the saffron party.

The chief minister had asked why people needed to give proof of their identity after over 70 years of Independence and claimed NRC was a tool to divide people. BJP leaders, including party chief Amit Shah, have time and again promised to replicate the NRC in West Bengal as well if the party is voted to power.

Era of ‘Super Emergency’ in the country: Mamata Banerjee

Banerjee on Sunday called for a pledge to “safeguard the constitutional values” of the country. “On the #InternationalDayofDemocracy today, let us once again pledge to safeguard the constitutional values our country was founded on,” she tweeted. “In this era of ‘Super Emergency’, we must do all it takes to protect the rights and freedoms that our Constitution guarantees.”

The United Nations General Assembly had declared in 2007 that Septemeber 15 every year would be marked as the International Day of Democracy.


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