The Cyberabad Police on Friday identified the decomposed body found in a house located on agricultural land belonging to Telugu actor Akkineni Nagarjuna on the outskirts of Hyderabad, News18 reported. Agricultural labourers on Wednesday said there was a foul smell and alerted the police when they found the skeletal remains of the man.

Police identified the deceased person as 30-year-old Chakali Pandu and said he committed suicide in a house located on the farmland.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Prakash Reddy said they found an Aadhaar card and photograph in a purse recovered near the body, according to Hindustan Times.

Pandu’s family had not filed a police complaint about his disappearance, and are reportedly waiting for a forensic report on how he committed suicide.

His family reportedly informed the police that he had left home three years ago. He was depressed after the death of his elder brother and left a suicide note saying that none of his dreams had come true, adding that nobody was responsible for his death.

The plot is spread over 50 acres of land in Papireddyguda village near Shadnagar. Police said the land has not been used for a long time. Akkineni Amala, Nagarjuna’s wife, visited the land in the first week of September.

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