Gujarat education authorities have initiated an inquiry after a school on Saturday asked students appearing for an exam to explain how Mahatma Gandhi “committed suicide”, PTI reported. Gandhi was assassinated by Hindutva activist Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948.

Class 9 students in schools run by the Sufalam Shala Vikas Sankul were asked the question in Gujarati during an internal assessment. The Sufalam Shala Vikas Sankul is an organisation of self-financed schools and educational institutions in Gandhinagar. It receives government grants.

The school management also asked Class 12 examinees to write a letter to “district police chief complaining about the rise in sale of liquor in your area and nuisance created by bootleggers”.

“These questions are highly objectionable, and we have initiated an inquiry,” Gandhinagar’s District Education Officer Bharat Vadher told the news agency. “Action will be taken after the report comes in.” The state education department did not have any role, he added.

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