Consumer Price Index-based inflation, or retail inflation, stood at 3.99% year-on-year for September, government data released on Monday showed. This is higher than the 3.28% recorded in August, and the highest recorded in 11 months.

Retail inflation in rural areas stood at 3.24%, and at 4.78% in urban areas. The Consumer Food Price Index of inflation stood at 5.11%. Food prices rose 3.22% in rural areas and 8.76% in urban areas.

Prices of vegetables rose 15.4%. In urban areas, prices of vegetables rose a whopping 27.1%, and 9.3% in rural areas. Other products that showed comparatively high levels of inflation were meat and fish, which became 10.29% more expensive overall, and pulses, whose prices increased 8.4%.

Retail prices of fuel and light fell 2.18%, and those of sugar and confectionary decreased 0.35%.

Earlier on Monday, government data on wholesale prices showed inflation eased to 0.33% in September compared to the same month the previous year.

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