Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the government took the decision to abrogate the special status of Jammu and Kashmir in the interest of the country and not for political gain, the Hindustan Times reported. He made the remark at an election rally in Parli town of Beed district in Maharashtra.

“Whenever Article 370 will be discussed in history, the decision that was taken in the interest of the country, then the people who opposed and ridiculed it, their comments will be remembered,” Modi said according to ANI.

The prime minister also attacked Congress leaders for their comments following the scrapping of special status for Kashmir. “A Congress leader had said that had there been Hindus in Kashmir, the Bharatiya Janata Party government would have never taken this decision,” Modi said. “Do you see ‘Hindu-Muslim’ in the unity and integrity of the country?”

“A Congress leader had said this decision will destroy the country,” Modi said. “It’s been three months, has the country been destroyed? Another Congress leader said that we’ve lost Kashmir by abrogating Article 370, have we lost Kashmir? If you want to go to Kashmir, let me know, I’ll make arrangements.” He alleged that their statements were completely in opposition to the mood of the country.

At another rally in Satara district, the prime minister said nationalism of people gets hurt when Opposition leaders question and attack Rafale defence deal, The Indian Express reported. “Whenever the Congress-NCP leaders question the bravery of our jawans, the people, and land of Satara is hurt,” he claimed. “When they poorly advertise against the technologically modern Rafale deal, nationalism is hurt.”

The Opposition attacks every decision taken by the government for national security, he added.

Five-year road map

In an election rally in Pune, Modi claimed the BJP had already sketched the road map for the next five years. “Haven’t you felt the effect of the New India in the last 100 days?” he asked. “Do you see its power? Do you see its decision-making abilities and clarity in ideas? It’s not been even five months but we already have sketched the roadmap for the next five years.”

On Wednesday, Modi had said that the Opposition should “drown in shame” for wondering how Article 370 was related to the Maharashtra elections. This came on the day Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar claimed the saffron party was raking up Article 370 repeatedly instead of focusing on problems like unemployment, farmers’ troubles, and failing industries.

On Thursday, Modi also alleged that people can now see through the scams of the Congress and Nationalist Congress Party. “The country will punish them for their misdoings when the time comes, but Maharashtra has got the first opportunity to do it,” he said.

Modi added that the Centre was striving to make sure that drinking water reaches every home in Maharashtra by 2022. “The track record of the last five years of Maharashtra government also supports this oath,” he added.

Modi claimed that Rs 8.5 lakh crore has been transferred to the bank accounts of the needy in the entire country, after the roles of middlemen were abolished. “This is your hard-earned money which was getting stolen earlier, but is getting used for you now,” the prime minister added.

The Maharashtra Assembly elections for all 288 seats will be held on October 21, and the results announced on October 24. The BJP and the Shiv Sena have formed an alliance, while the Congress and the Nationalist Congress Party also have a tie-up.

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