Bharatiya Janata Party MP Vijay Goel was fined Rs 4,000 for violating the odd-even rule that was enforced by the government in Delhi on Monday to combat air pollution. Goel was sent home after he drove his odd-numbered SUV for barely 100 metres, reported NDTV.

Goel had painted his car orange and had written protest messages on it. He carried a placard that said “Odd-Even – A Political Stunt”. BJP Vice President Shyam Jaju and other party leaders also accompanied him.

Minutes after Goel was sent back home, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot presented him a bouquet of roses. Gahlot urged the BJP leader to support his government’s anti-pollution measure. Goel, in return, also handed the minister a bouquet.

“If only you had met not just me, but all seven MPs of Delhi before. My complaint is, for five years your government did nothing,” said Goel. “If stubble burning by farmers in Punjab and Haryana are the problem, then how will odd-even help? I welcome measures to fight pollution. But you exempted two-wheelers, Olas, Ubers, taxis. Only four-wheelers have to follow the rule. So I feel the odd-even is a naatak [sham].” To this, Gahlot said: “Even if 50% vehicles are off the road, we can say pollution will be less.”

Goel then questioned him on the timing of the scheme. “If you really wanted to fight pollution, you should have done this earlier or you should have done it every year,” he said. “Why just before elections?”

Gahlot urged Goel to support the government’s initiative. “If you don’t cooperate, the people will not get the right message.”

The BJP leader accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of wasting Rs 35 crore by implementing this scheme, reported The Indian Express. “My violation of odd-even scheme of the Kejriwal government will be symbolic because it’s an election stunt and drama in view of Assembly election,” he added.

Goel has been fined twice before for violating the odd-even rules.

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