A 24-year-old woman has accused her cousin of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room in Gurugram when she had visited the city from Mahendragarh district to take an examination, PTI reported on Monday. Although the alleged incident took place on September 22, the woman filed her complaint at the Mahendragarh Police Station on Saturday.

It was reported to the Gurugram Police on Sunday. “The Zero first information report registered in Mahendragarh was transferred to Woman Police station in Gurgaon,” Gurugram Police Public Relations Officer Subhash Bokan said. “The investigation is in its initial stage and the victim statement has been recorded.”

The cousin met the woman at the examination centre and persuaded her to stay with him at a hotel. However, he allegedly raped her at night, the police said.

“The victim said in her statement that she had visited Gurgaon to appear in an examination,” Bokan added. “At the examination centre, she met her distant cousin who persuaded her to stay with him in a hotel near Gurgaon bus stand. During the night, when she was sleeping in the hotel room, the accused sexually assaulted her. He also threatened her with dire consequences if she disclosed the incident to anyone.”

Bokan said that the complainant did not reveal the incident to her family immediately, as her exam was scheduled for the next day. After taking the exam, she returned to Mahendragarh, the police officer said.

“She disclosed the incident to her family members after bearing the trauma all alone for a few days,” he said. Bokan added that an investigation was under way and the accused will be arrested.

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