Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Monday claimed that Mughal emperors intended to destroy the cultural wonders of the state by “bombing them”, The Indian Express reported.

“Tripura has enough wonders still unknown to people, the Mughals intended to destroy the culture of Tripura by bombing its arts and architectures,” Deb said at an event in state capital Agartala. The chief minister, however, did not elaborate on his comment.

Deb urged people to talk about tourist destinations in the state, its beauty and heritage on social media. In a statement issued later, the chief minister said efforts to promote tourism would not require special advertisements if people posted about at least five places. “Tripura will be popular all over the world automatically [if people promote tourist spots],” he added.

Ever since coming to power, the chief minister has made the headlines for his controversial comments. Last year, he likened communists to Mughals and the British rulers, accusing them of unsuccessfully trying to destroy Indian culture. He told a crowd at a rally that the internet and satellites were not new to India but had existed since the time of the Mahabharata.

In September, Deb claimed that people who opposed to making Hindi India’s national language do not love the country. He has also been derided for claiming ducks help recycle water and increase oxygen levels in water bodies, besides boosting the rural economy.

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