Writer, theatre and film actor Shaukat Kaifi died at her home in Juhu, Mumbai, on Friday, reported The Indian Express. She was 91 years old.

The actor was known for her work in movies such as Umrao Jaan (1981), Garm Hava (1973), and Baazaar (1982). She was last seen in the film Saathiya in 2002.

She along with her husband, Urdu poet and film lyricist Kaifi Azmi, were a part of the Indian People’s Theatre Association, which is the cultural wing of the Communist Party of India. She is the mother of Bollywood actor Shabana Azmi and cinematographer Baba Azmi.

Shaukat Kaifi’s memoir, Kaifi and I, was turned into a theatrical rendition called Kaifi aur Main, according to The Hindu.

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