The Delhi Police on Sunday arrested three men who were allegedly planning to carry out terror attacks, inspired by the ideology of the Islamic State group, the Hindustan Times reported on Monday. The arrests were made in Assam after a joint operation by the Delhi Police and the Assam Police.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Pramod Singh Kushwah said the accused were identified as Ranjeet Ali, Muqaddar and Zameel. They were arrested with improvised explosive devices, Kushwah said, according to India Today. One kilogram of an unidentified explosive substance and a dagger were also seized.

The police said the three men were planning to carry out attacks at the ongoing Ras mela in Goalpara in Assam. They also planned to target Delhi.

Zameel worked as a supervisor at an Aadhar enrollment centre in Assam, the police said. Muqaddar is a driver, while Ranjeet was a manager in a fish trading company. The three are now in 10 days’ custody of the Assam Police.