Non-subsidised liquefied petroleum gas or LPG, used for cooking, became more costly from Wednesday. This is the fifth consecutive month of increase in prices. According to Indian Oil Corporation’s website, in Delhi, the increase was about Rs 19 per cylinder to Rs 714, while the rate went up to Rs 19.50 for each cylinder in Mumbai to Rs 684.50.

In Delhi, a non-subsidised cylinder cost Rs 695 in December and Rs 681.50 in November. The rates were Rs 665 in Mumbai in December and Rs 651 in November. Non-subsidised LPG is the gas that users get after finishing up their quota of 12 cylinders of 14.2 kg at a subsidised price of Rs 495.86.

In cities such as Kolkata, the prices went up to Rs 747 per cylinder and Rs 734 were the rates in Chennai. The increase in prices followed after a rise in international rates.

The price of aviation of aviation fuel was also increased by 2.6% to Rs 64,323.76 per kiloliter in Delhi and Rs 64.529.79 in Mumbai. In December, a marginal increase of around Rs 13 was made to jet fuel prices.

The Opposition hit out at the Centre for increasing the fuel prices. Communist Party of India (Marxist) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury criticised the Narendra Modi-led administration for the increase in rates. “Modi government starts the year,” he tweeted. “After railway passenger fare hikes, another attack on peoples’ livelihoods. All this in the wake of sharp job losses, food price inflation and record fall in rural wages.”

The Congress described the increase as an “injustice towards the poor people”. “Is this a fair new year’s gift to the common man, Congress thinks it is not,” said Congress spokesperson Sushmita Dev, according to PTI.

The Indian Railways had announced an increase in its ticket prices on Tuesday. The railways also announced a two paise/km hike in fares of mail and express non-AC trains, and four paise/km increase in the fares of AC coaches. For passengers looking to travel in Delhi-Kolkata Rajdhani, the hike at the rate of 4 paise/km will be about Rs 58. Reservation fee and superfast charge will not be changed, and the hike in fares will not be applicable to tickets already booked.