Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad on Friday moved a court in Delhi seeking to modify the bail conditions imposed on him in the Daryaganj violence case, ANI reported.

Azad, who read the Preamble at Jama Masjid earlier in the day, was granted bail by Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau on the condition that he leave Delhi by 9 pm and stay out of the city for the next four weeks because of the upcoming Delhi elections. After his release on Thursday night, Azad had said no unconstitutional law would be enforced till he was alive.

The latest petition filed by advocates Mehmood Pracha and OP Bharti said Azad was not a criminal and claimed such conditions were wrong and undemocratic, PTI reported. The court will hear the matter on Saturday.

Azad had sought special permission from the court to visit Jama Masjid. “Peaceful protest is our strength,” he told people at the mosque. “People from all religions who support us should join us in great numbers to prove it to the government that these protests are not led by Muslims alone.”

The Dalit leader later told the media that his primary concern was to make people aware of the citizenship law and not fight elections in Delhi. “My priority is to make people aware about the discriminatory citizenship law, mobilise people against it... It is time to strengthen this movement, politics can happen later,” he added.

Azad said his outfit’s protest against the Citizenship Act would continue. “We request the court to allow us to protest,” he added. “The government is spreading misinformation on the issue, we are checking it.” The Bhim Army chief said the court had asked him to respect Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “I want to ask him to respect the Constitution,” Azad added.