United States President Donald Trump celebrated his acquittal from impeachment charges at the White House on Thursday along with his family, Republican Party members, and Cabinet colleagues, PTI reported. The president was cleared in his impeachment trial after a vote in the Senate on Wednesday.

“We went through hell, unfairly, did nothing wrong, did nothing wrong,” said Trump. “I’ve done things wrong in my life, I will admit. This is really not a news conference. It’s not a speech. It’s not anything. It’s just we’re sort of – it’s a celebration because we have something that just worked out. I mean it worked out.” Trump spoke for more than an hour.

The president described members of the US Congress as “warriors” for the way they handled the impeachment proceedings. He said the allegations involving Russia and former US Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on 2016 elections.

Trump called Democratic Party politicians, who initiated the impeachment proceedings, “lousy”. “These people are vicious,” he said. “Adam Schiff is a vicious, horrible person. Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person. And she wanted to impeach a long time ago.”

“It’s called ‘total acquittal’ – words Trump described as “gorgeous” and said that he never thought it would sound so good.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 52-48 to acquit him on charges of abuse of power and 53-47 on obstruction of Congress. A two-thirds majority in the 100-seat chamber was needed to remove the president from his position. The Republicans control the Senate 53–47.

In December, Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on charges of abuse of power and for obstructing Congress, as he was formally accused of pressuring Ukraine to investigate Democratic Party leader Joe Biden – a leading contender for his party’s presidential nomination – while using as leverage a nearly $400-million package of military assistance.