United States multinational technology company Apple has filed a suit and obtained a restraining order against a man of Indian origin who made threatening phone calls to the firm last year, and claimed that Apple mocked and tried to kill him when he was in the hospital, News18 reported on Friday. Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma also trespassed on Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook’s residence twice.

In a court filing, Apple’s legal representative said that Sharma has been trying to harass various executives of the company since September 25. The plea alleged that Sharma began by threatening an Apple executive on the phone in September. He followed it up by sending “disturbing” voicemails to the executive, according to the firm’s Global Security Specialist William Burns.

After this, Sharma allegedly called Apple Care and issued similar threats, including gun violence. He then took it further, turning up at Tim Cook’s residence in December. Sharma went there uninvited and unannounced, carrying a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne. He repeated the act in January, evading security.

Subsequently, Sharma demanded a cash settlement from Apple, claiming that an executive laughed at him over the phone and hung up when he was hospitalised. Sharma also falsely claimed that his attorney was US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

A court will hear the matter on March 3.