Film actor and politician Rajinikanth on Wednesday blamed the Centre’s intelligence failure for the violent clashes going on in Delhi since Sunday evening, PTI reported. He said those in power should “resign and go” if they could not curb the violence with an iron fist.

“Definitely it is central government’s intelligence failure,” Rajinikanth told reporters. “I strongly condemn the central government...They should have been so careful when the US President [Donald] Trump had visited [the country]. The intelligence didn’t do its job properly. It should have been completely crushed with an iron fist. We expect them to be careful at least from now on.”

He added: “With iron fist this should be crushed, else [they] should resign and go...what is is becoming too much.”

On the anti-Citizenship Act protests, the actor said the law might not been withdrawn since the Parliament had passed it. He said this meant the protests might not give any results. However, he said he will “definitely stand” by those affected by the amended law.

Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan praised Rajinikanth for his stance, and said it was “the right path”. The two actors had differed on the Citizenship Amendment Act. Rajinikanth had said on February 5 that the law will not affect any citizen of the country and that preparing the National Population Register was essential.

At least 27 people have died in the violent clashes between supporters and opponents of the Citizenship Amendment Act in North East Delhi since Monday, and 180 have been injured.

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