The Vatican has rejected a second appeal of Kerala nun Lucy Kalapura to revoke her expulsion from the Franciscan Clarist Congregation, News18 reported on Sunday. Her plea to present her case to Pope Francis and the tribunal has also been turned down.

Kalappura, who was at the forefront of protests against rape-accused former Bishop Franco Mulakkal, was expelled in August last year for her lifestyle, which allegedly violated church rules for nuns. The unprecedented protest in the history of the Catholic Church lasted for over a fortnight. However, Mulakkal has been out on bail since October 2018 and another nun accused him last month of hugging and forcibly kissing her on the forehead. The bishop’s trial is before a court in Kottayam began last month.

The Congregation for the Oriental Churches in Vatican had dismissed Kalappura’s first appeal in October for failing to “give a satisfactory explanation for her lifestyle in violation of FCC laws”. The violations include publishing books and songs, and earning money from them, as well as buying and driving a car.

“My side has not been heard, this time as well,” the nun told News18. “I have received a letter from the Vatican; the covering letter says my appeal has been rejected.”

Kalapura said the letter was in Latin and she will know the reason for rejecting her appeal after translation, adding that she will continue her legal fight. “I have already approached the magistrate court,” she added. “I want to continue and do my duties as a nun, the convent should provide for that.”

The nun had alleged two weeks ago that the convent authorities were depriving her of food to move her out. In December, she released her memoir Karthavinte Namathil (in the name of Lord). It sparked a severe backlash after Kalapura alleged that sexual abuse and assaults take place in convents and said Kerala’s society must be able to accept rather than punish or ostracise women who speak about such experiences.