Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave more details about his cryptic tweet of last evening, in which he had said he would give up his social media accounts on March 8. Modi said his social media would be taken over by women “whose life, work inspire us” on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

“This Women’s Day, I will give away my social media accounts to women whose life and work inspire us,” the prime minister tweeted. “This will help them ignite motivation in millions. Are you such a woman or do you know such inspiring women? Share such stories using #SheInspiresUs”.

On Monday night, Modi had tweeted: “This Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Will keep you all posted.”

The tweet had led to a lot of speculation on social media about what Modi intended to do. The Indian prime minister is the world’s third-most-followed politician on Twitter after former United States President Barack Obama and current President Donald Trump. He has 53.3 million followers on Twitter, 44 million on Facebook and 35.2 million on Instagram.

Former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had responded saying: “Give up hatred, not social media accounts”. The party’s spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala urged the prime minister to ask online trolls to do the same.

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