Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that the people once again proved on Sunday that they are all united in the battle against coronavirus. Addressing workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Modi was referring to his call of turning off the lights and lighting of lamps at 9 pm on Sunday evening.

The prime minister was addressing BJP workers on the party’s 40th foundation day.

Modi said the people of the country will fight and win the war against coronavirus. “In this difficult time, there is an even greater responsibility upon BJP workers to serve the people,” Modi said. “India’s attempts to battle the Covid-19 pandemic have set a new example to the world,” Modi said. “India is one of the countries in the world that understood the seriousness of the situation and took timely steps to initiate a war against it. India took one step after another and worked to ensure those measures reached the bottom. We’ve ensured that all governments work together in this.”

Modi said hundreds of thousands of BJP workers have been providing ration to the poor ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began. He said this effort has to continue even after the pandemic is over.

“This is a long war against coronavirus,” the prime minister said. “We can’t get tired or take rest in this war. We have to emerge victorious.” He also praised the maturity of Indians during the lockdown, and said: “No one could have imagined that the people will abide by this with such obedience and sense of service.”

Modi asked BJP workers to cover their faces, either with masks or towels, while going out among the people. He said the party workers should thank all health workers and sanitation workers for their contribution during the pandemic.

The prime minister said that the BJP workers should encourage people to download and install the Aarogya Setu app. He said every worker should install the app in the phones of 40 people.

“The way we donate to the people in times of war, hundreds of thousands of people are contributing to the PM-CARES fund,” Modi said. “But this has to increase. So I want all BJP workers to motivate people to contribute to the PM-CARES fund.” The prime minister also asked the people to practice social distancing and follow all regulations during the 21-day lockdown.

India has so far reported 4,067 cases of Covid-19, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Of these, 109 people have died, 291 have recovered and one has migrated.