Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday praised Indians for being the driving force behind the country’s efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The prime minister addressed the nation through his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

“India’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic is truly people-driven,” Modi said. “For a developing country like India that is battling poverty, this is the only way to fight and win the battle against the pandemic. We are all in this together.”

Modi lauded the citizens for helping each other amid the health crisis. “Be it in cities or villages, we can see people everywhere getting involved in this fight against the pandemic,” the prime minister said. “While some are feeding the poor, some are making masks, others are selling their lands to raise money for this fight. Some are even contributing their pensions.”

He added that the coronavirus pandemic had led to major changes in people’s attitude towards frontline workers. “I am so happy to see the immense appreciation for the working of sanitation workers, our police forces and healthcare workers,” he said.

The prime minister added that India’s unified efforts against the pandemic will be remembered for years to come. “When people will talk about the coronavirus in the future, I believe that they will also discuss India’s people-driven fight.”


Modi also spoke about the government’s efforts to help the poor survive the lockdown. “Under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, the government is directly transferring cash into their accounts,” he said. “The government is working with the banking sector to ensure that the poor get their benefits.”

The prime minister lauded state governments for their measures to contain Covid-19. “The state governments are playing an active role in combating the pandemic,” he said. “Their efforts are praise-worthy.”

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Modi said that India’s decision to supply crucial medicines to other countries was guided by its ethos. “This is a time when India does not need to share its medicines with other countries, but still, we acted beyond our own self-interests and considered the humanitarian needs of the world,” he said. “I feel very proud when world leaders thank me.”

The prime minister concluded his address with an appeal to the people to take necessary precautions “We cannot think that the disease will not affect the places where we live and work,” he said. “Don’t harbour such ideas. We must learn from the experience of other nations.”

The total number of coronavirus cases in India reached 26,496 on Sunday morning and the toll rose to 824. Globally, Covid-19 has infected more than 28.96 lakh people and caused over 2.02 lakh deaths in 185 countries or regions, according to the Johns Hopkins University tracker.