Prices of petrol and diesel in the country rose for the seventh straight day on Saturday, as oil marketing companies continued to adjust retail rates in line with costs, after an 82-day break from rate revision due to the coronavirus crisis.

In Delhi, one litre of petrol cost Rs 75.16 per litre, up from Rs 74.57 per litre on Friday, an increase of 59 paise. Diesel price rose 58 paise from Rs 72.81 per litre to Rs 73.39 per litre.

In Mumbai, one litre of petrol cost Rs 82.10, up from Rs 81.53 on Friday, while diesel rates were increased from Rs 71.48 per litre to Rs 72.03.

Petrol price per litre in Chennai stood at Rs 78.99, up 52 paise from Rs 78.47 on Friday. Diesel became costlier by 50 paise, rising from Rs 71.14 per litre to Rs 71.64.

Kolkata too felt the brunt of rising fuel prices as the price of a litre of petrol rose 57 paise to Rs 77.05 per litre. The price of one litre of diesel on Saturday was Rs 69.23, up from Rs 68.70 on Friday.

Oil marketing companies had not made any changes to the base selling price of both petrol and diesel from March 16 to June 6. However, faced with the massive revenue losses, several state governments have increased the taxes levied on fuels, which are currently out of the purview of goods and services tax, leading to a rise in the prices.