Prices of petrol and diesel in the country on Monday were at their highest level in more than a year, after rates were revised for the ninth consecutive day. This came as oil marketing companies continue to align retail rates in line with costs after an 82-hiatus during the coronavirus-induced countrywide lockdown. The price of petrol was increased by 48 paise a litre, while that of diesel by 59 paise a litre.

Rates have been increased across the country and vary from state to state depending on the local sales tax or value added tax. In Delhi, the price of petrol was revised to Rs 76.26 per litre from Rs 75.78, while diesel rates were increased to Rs 74.26 a litre from Rs 74.03, according to the Economic Times.

In Mumbai, price of petrol was increased to Rs 83.17, up from Rs 82.70 on Sunday, while diesel rates were increased to Rs 73.21 per litre from 72.64.

Petrol price per litre in Chennai stood at Rs 79.96, up 43 paise from Rs 79.53 on Sunday. Diesel became costlier by 51 paise, rising to Rs 72.69 from Rs 72.18.

Since the daily price revision began in 2017, the rise in petrol and diesel price is so far the highest. In nine days, petrol price has increased by Rs 5 per litre and diesel by Rs 5.23. These price levels were last seen in 2018 during the months of October and November when crude oil rates were at a record high. The freeze on base selling price was imposed in mid-March, after the Centre increased excise duty on petrol and diesel to help generate finances.