India has pushed for permanently removing discussions on Jammu and Kashmir under the “outdated agenda item” of The India-Pakistan question from the United Nation Security Council’s matters, reported PTI on Tuesday. In an indirect attack on Islamabad, New Delhi claimed that there were no takers for the “irrational exuberance” with which the topic was raised.

At a virtual informal meeting of the plenary on the yearly report of the Security Council, Pakistan’s United Nation’s Ambassador Munir Akram flagged the Jammu and Kashmir matter. Akram said that the UNSC also had not implemented its own resolutions and decisions related to the erstwhile state in India.

A security lockdown was imposed in Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 last year after the Parliament revoked its special constitutional status, detained several political leaders, and severed communication links. Eleven days later, the Security Council conducted the first closed-door meeting even as India reiterated that Kashmir was an internal matter. It was the first time in over 50 years that the UN Security Council held a meeting exclusively to discuss Kashmir. The second meeting was held in January and the third in August.

On August 5, one year after India’s modifications to the region, Indian diplomat TS Tirumurti said Pakistan’s attempt to internationalise the Kashmir dispute through the United Nations had once again “come to naught”, after a meeting at its Security Council ended without any definite outcome.

Without naming Pakistan, India said there was a delegation that continuously tried to rebrand itself as a contributor to international peace, but failed to realise it is known across the world as the fountainhead of terror and the centre for such syndicates.

A summary statement by the Secretary General from August 3 on “matters of which the Security Council is seized” listed “The India-Pakistan question” among the topics that have not been taken up in a formal meeting between January 1, 2017 and August 1, 2020. The agenda item “India-Pakistan question” was first discussed on January 6, 1948. It was last considered on November 5, 1965.

Pakistan with the support of China has made repeated attempts to discuss the matter at a formal meeting.