Bihar has emerged top on a list of several parameters that measure the coronavirus crisis across states in India, the Hindustan Times reported on Wednesday. Bihar’s recovery rate stands at 88.98%, against the national average of 77.65%.

The state has so far recorded 1,50,502 cases of the coronavirus, including 765 deaths and 1,34,391 recoveries, according to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Bihar has the lowest percentage of deaths, with just six deaths per million (10 lakh) population. It also has the lowest coronavirus test positivity rate of 0.9% among states. The daily growth rate for Covid-19 cases in Bihar is the lowest at 1.3%, at par with Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. The national average is 2.14%.

Gujarat has a test positivity rate of 1.8% and comes second. It is followed by Uttar Pradesh at 4.3%.

On September 7, Bihar tested 1,53,156 lakh samples, the highest in a day so far. The number of tests conducted daily in Bihar has hovered around the 1-lakh mark since August 13. Prior to this, Bihar was the state with the lowest number of tests per million population.

The increased testing has resulted in a decline in positivity rate. Most tests being done are rapid antigen-based, which have up to 40% probability of giving false negative results.

However, despite central advice, Bihar has conducted RT-PCR tests on a small fraction of the persons it has tested. Only 9,901 samples out of the total 1,51,033 tested (6.55%) underwent the RT-PCR test. Rapid antigen tests accounted for 1,36,870 samples, while another 4,262 tests were done on TrueNat machines.