Democrat candidate in the US Presidential elections Joe Biden on Saturday expressed confidence about winning the race to the White House, as he widened his lead over the incumbent Donald Trump in key states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

Speaking in Delaware, with his running mate Senator Kamala Harris by his side, Biden said: “The numbers tell us it is a clear and convincing story. We are going to win this race.” Biden’s speech was originally supposed to be a victory celebration, but he changed his plans in the absence of an official call, as counting for the elections entered its fourth day, reported Reuters.

Biden, in his speech, also looked to blunt Trump’s accusations of fraud in the counting process and urged voters to remain patient till the final results are declared.

“Democracy works, your vote will be counted,” Biden said. “I do not care how hard people try to stop it, I will not let it happen.

‘Mandate on Covid, economy, climate change’: Biden

Biden asserted that the mandate received by his campaign was on the prevailing situation in the United States in terms of the Covid-19 pandemic, economy and climate change.

“I want people to know we are not waiting to get the work done,” Biden said, adding that he and Harris have been holding meetings with experts on the pandemic and economic crisis and promised actions on the problems on “day one”.

“We have some serious problems... we do not have any more time to waste,” he said.

In an attempt to assuage the growing tensions in the US between his supporters and those of Trump, Biden urged people to “put the anger and demonisation behind”.

“The purpose of our politics is not unending warfare, but to solve problems,” he said. “We maybe opponents, but we are not enemies…we are Americans”

Leading Trump by more than 4.2 million votes (at 10.45 am IST) and in all the swing states, Biden said that the “tallies are not just numbers but they represent votes and voters.”

On the topic of garnering more than 74 million votes, the most by any presidential candidate in the history of US, Biden said: “They [voters] made it clear they want the country to come together, not continue to pull apart.”