United States President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump on Tuesday urged people to vote, a week after presidential elections in the country concluded. The tweet was deleted soon but social media users shared screenshots of it to ridicule Eric Trump.

“Minnesota, get out and vote!!!” Eric Trump said in a tweet on Tuesday morning, after which he became the target of jokes on Twitter.

“Dammit! I guess Eric is the dumbest Trump child today,” writer and artist Tony Posnanski tweeted.

Author and television host Padma Lakshmi said it was time for Donald Trump’s aides to “give up”.

Another Twitter user compared Eric Trump to the notoriously-slow browser Internet Explorer.

“Now I am not an expert, but I think Eric Trump just told Minnesota to commit voter fraud,” a Twitter user named Kyle wrote.

Donald Trump has not yet conceded defeat in the election. “We will win,” he tweeted on Tuesday. The US president also continued to allege election fraud, saying, “People will not accept this Rigged Election!”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, meanwhile, said that there will be smooth transition to a second Trump administration.

Twitter has repeatedly flagged Trump’s tweets alleging election fraud. During the vote count beginning November 3, Trump has tweeted or retweeted about fraud 37 times, according to the Hindustan Times. The social media platform has flagged 13 of these tweets. The microblogging website said that 12 of the 13 suggested that “some or all of the content” is “disputed” and possibly “misleading”.

Earlier on Tuesday, US Attorney General William Barr upheld Trump’s unfounded claims on election irregularities, and authorised attorneys to investigate “substantial” allegations of voter fraud before the results of the presidential race are certified.

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Trump was defeated by Democrat leader Joe Biden in a close contest. Biden led the race since November 3. On November 7, the crucial state of Pennsylvania was called for him, putting him on track to win the elections with a total of 273 electoral votes.

The president has claimed that there has been a multi-state conspiracy by Democrats to rig the vote tally in Biden’s favour. Although the counting of votes in the US is still underway, Biden holds a sizeable lead in multiple battleground states and there has been no indication of improperly counted votes so far that would shift the outcome.

The Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits, claiming the election results were flawed. These were dismissed in Michigan and Georgia.