United States President-elect Joe Biden on Tuesday hit out at outgoing President Donald Trump for spending more time “whining and complaining” about election results rather than adopting measures to tackle the coronavirus crisis, Reuters reported.

Biden made the remarks while campaigning for Senate elections in Georgia. The Democrat leader had won the key state in the 2020 presidential elections.

Biden criticised the Trump administration for its handling of the coronavirus crisis and promised that his tenure will usher in a fresh start for the country.

The president-elect said that Trump’s administration had “gotten off to a god-awful start” with the slow roll out of vaccines in the country. “The president spends more time whining and complaining than doing something about the problem,” he added.

Biden wondered why Trump wanted to keep the president’s job when he didn’t want to do the work, according to The Hill. “Getting America vaccinated will be one of the most difficult operational challenges this nation has faced,” Biden added.

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Biden also hit out at Trump and his Republican allies for alleging that the presidential election was rigged. “Politicians cannot assert, take or seize power,” he was quoted as saying by The Hill. “It is given, granted by the American people alone and we can never give that up. It’s always the will of the people that must prevail, so today, tomorrow, go vote.”

The Republicans also held their own rally in Georgia, where Trump again refused to accept the election results. “They’re not taking this White House,” he said. “We’re going to fight like hell.”

The Trump campaign and its supporters have tried to overturn the results of the presidential elections repeatedly. A controversy erupted on Monday after a call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger was made public. Trump was heard asking Raffensperger to “find him 11,780 votes” to overturn election results in the state.

The US Electoral College had last month confirmed Biden’s victory in the presidential elections, closing the doors for Trump to challenge the result. Biden is set to take charge as president on January 20.