Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Friday urged farmers protesting against the three new agriculture laws to not withdraw their agitation and assured them of his party’s support.

“Don’t move even an inch,” Gandhi said, while addressing a press conference at the party headquarters in Delhi. He also criticised the government for not meeting the farmers’ demands and trying to vilify them.

“What is being done to the farmers is absolutely criminal...You are beating them, threatening them, trying to discredit them,” he said. “The government needs to talk to the farmers, give a solution and the only solution is repealing these laws.”

The former Congress chief said that the agitation will spread further if the Narendra Modi government fails to arrive at a resolution. “The prime minister should not reckon that this movement will come to an end,” Gandhi said. “This movement will soon reach the cities. Because even the youth is angered due to unemployment.”

Speaking on the violence in Delhi on January 26 during tractor rally by a section of the farmers, Gandhi laid the blame on Union Home Minister Amit Shah. “Who let the farmers enter Red Fort and why,” he asked. “Wasn’t it the home ministry’s responsibility to stop them? Who is responsible. Go and ask the home minister about this.”

Later in the day, Gandhi again criticised the government over attempts to vacate protest sites by the government and people claiming to be locals. “Neither by deploying police at Ghazipur, nor by pelting stones at Singhu border will dishearten the farmers,” he tweeted in Hindi. “The entire country is supporting them, you cannot intimidate them.”