Of the 192 students in Malappuram district of Kerala who tested positive for the coronavirus earlier this month, 91 had attended a common tuition centre, NDTV reported quoting an education officer.

The coronavirus cluster was reported on February 3 at the Government Higher Secondary School in Maranchery and Vanneri Higher Secondary School in Perumbadappu. Mass testing for students of the two schools began after a student and a teacher, one from each school, reported Covid-19 symptoms. Of the students who tested positive, 149 were from one school and 43 were from the other. Of the staff, including teachers, 39 were from one school and 33 from the other.

“Ninety-one students, of the 192 who tested positive, were attending one tuition centre,” Education Officer Ramesh Kumar told NDTV. “This has been sealed by the police for now. Other students attending these classes have been asked to stay in home isolation and are being tested.”

Kumar added that a third school, close to the other two, was also closed down indefinitely as a precautionary measure.

District Medical Officer K Sakeena said all the students who attended the tuition centre will be tested on Wednesday. “We cannot give the numbers, how many students who have already tested positive had links to the tuition centre,” Sakeena added. “Some cases have been reported, and all the students there will be tested as part of overall testing.”

Additionally, around 2,000 people from areas in and around the students and teachers’ homes are also being tested, the medical officer said. This includes parents and others who would normally be part of the contact tracing list.

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