A Zomato delivery staffer was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly punched a customer in Bengaluru a day earlier for complaining about the late delivery of her food, reported The Indian Express, citing police officials.

The man was arrested shortly after makeup artist and model Hitesha Chandranee posted a video on Twitter and tagged the city police, who then asked her to provide her area details to assist her.

The woman said she had complained to the Zomato customer care, asking them to either deliver the food free of cost or cancel the order after it was delayed. “He hit me, left me bleeding here and ran off,” she said in a video in which she can be seen bleeding and crying.

Zomato apologised to Chandranee. “Hey Hitesha, thank you for speaking to us, we can assure you this is not the experience our delivery universe stands for,” the food delivery service company tweeted on her post. “Our local representative shall be in touch with you shortly to help you with the police investigation along with assistance on the medical care required. We can’t emphasise how sorry we are, rest assured we’ll take necessary actions to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.”

In another video posted on Instagram, Chandranee detailed the event. She said that she had been constantly following with the customer service team to give the delivery for free or cancel the order. “I didn’t open the full door, I spoke to him from a gap in the door and told him am checking with the the customer care team that they will either make the order free or cancel the order,” she said, according to NDTV.

Chandranee alleged that she told the delivery personnel to take the order back.“...But he refused to take the order back and started screaming, ‘bloody I am your slave or what’... It felt so threatening, I got scared and I tried to push the door,” she said. “But he was so huge, he pushed back the door, snatched the order back from me and punched me. Then he ran away...”