The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon on Thursday passed a proposal that shops selling meat in areas under its jurisdiction will remain closed on Tuesdays, The Indian Express reported.

The civic body also increased the licence fee for meat shops from Rs 5,000 to Rs 10,000. Moreover, it increased the penalty for running unauthorised and illegal meat shops by 10 times – from Rs 500 to Rs 5,000.

The decision to prohibit sale of meat on Tuesdays was not even in the agenda of discussion on Thursday. But some councillors suggested it, citing “Hindu sentiments”.

The proposal was passed despite Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon Commissioner Vinay Pratap Singh saying that the civic body should think before making a decision for the entire city as it is a personal choice to consume meat or not on Tuesdays. “Food is an independent choice,” Singh said. “In my opinion, this is an individual choice. I eat, my wife doesn’t eat, it is independent. I cannot force her and she cannot force me...When we cannot decide on this at home itself, the House should think before making any decision regarding the entire city.”

Ashwani Sharma, councillor of ward number 19, was the first one to suggest that meat shops should be closed once a week, according to The Times of India. Mayor Madhu Azad also said the decision was “completely right”.

Subhash Singla, councillor of ward number 18, said the shops should not be closed down on Sundays because of high sales. “If we can keep the shops shut once in a week, then respecting Hindu beliefs they should be shut on Tuesdays,” Singla added.