State-owned oil marketing companies on Wednesday raised the prices of petrol and diesel for the second consecutive day, reported the Hindustan Times. Petrol price rose by by 19 paise to Rs 90.74 per litre in Delhi, while diesel rates went up by 21 paise to Rs 81.12.

On Tuesday, petrol and diesel prices were increased by 15 paise and 18 paise, respectively.

Notably, the increase in price on Tuesday was the first hike in 66 days since February 27, a day after the Election Commission announced polls in four states and one Union Territory. However, prices have been reduced since then.

In February, the rise in fuel prices had become a matter of contention, with petrol costing more than Rs 100 per litre in some towns of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. As pressure mounted on the central government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi put the blame on previous governments, suggesting they did not focus on reducing the country’s energy import dependence. Union Minister for Petroleum Dharmendra Pradhan attributed the price rise to increase in demand and said they will “come down a little” once winter ends.

Meanwhile in the global market, crude oil prices rose nearly 2% on Tuesday as prospects of travel became brighter with more states in the US easing lockdowns and the European Union seeking to attract travellers, Reuters reported.