Police in Gujarat’s Vadodara city have arrested an individual, Pradeep Bholanath Kahar, for allegedly hurting the reputation of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani by tampering with one of his speeches.

In a press note released on Thursday, the Vadodara Police’s crime branch said that Kahar posted the video on his Facebook page, under the name “DJ Adee”, and his Instagram profile “@djadeeofficial”. Kahar used clips from Rupani’s speech and made it viral using “fake electronic documents”, they said. Police have seized Kahar’s mobile phone and is investigating the case.

Speaking to Scroll.in, a Vadodara police official confirmed that Kahar is in custody and has been booked under Section 469 of the Indian Penal Code. The relevant section deals with forgery of electronic record to harm reputation. The offence is punishable by fine and imprisonment up to three years.

The video, which is still available on Facebook, was uploaded on the page “DJ Adee” on May 11. It intersperses parts of a speech made by Rupani with visuals of a snack item of fast food chain McDonalds’, and a popular song by British rock band Queen.