First, there's the man who makes history. Then, inevitably, comes the biopic.

When French high-wire artist Philippe Petit walked between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on the morning of August 7, 1974, he achieved both fame and notoriety that would have an everlasting impact on his career for the rest of his life.

While people cheered his daredevil act, the district attorney charged him for criminal trespass and arrested him. His punishment however, was even more beautiful than his crime. He was asked to perform the same stunt for kids at Central Park.

Asked why he put his life in danger, Petit said, “If I see three oranges, I have to juggle. And if I see two towers, I have to walk.”

His story became the subject of a much loved documentary film in 2008 titled Man on Wire that wowed both audiences and critics alike and even went on to win an Academy for Best Documentary in 2009.


The charismatic Petit was called on stage when the film won the award and he gave possibly the shortest speech in Oscar history, balancing the trophy on his chin and leaving everyone in the room clapping heartily for yet another winning stunt.


The Walk, a biopic filmed in 3D, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt is releasing in Indian theatres on Oct 9. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, the film should be a heart-in-mouth watch thanks to the technology used in the making of it.