One thing that countless hours on YouTube have taught me is that if it is on TVF, it is probably hilarious. The Viral Fever’s Qtiyapa sketches have provided an entry into the world of great web content. Rowdies Qtiyapa was possibly the first TVF video that I loved and shared on FB. There have been many more since – Gaana wala song, Gangs of Social Media, or Munna Jazbaati, to name just a very few.

This week, The Viral Fever launched the first Qtipiya of 2016, in collaboration with the dating app, Tinder. It’s called Eat, Pray… Swipe. As one would expect, it is brilliant.

Eat Pray… Swipe takes the app experience of Tinder and brings it to life – browsing, swiping left or right, going on a date and repeating the whole cycle, endlessly.


There is still a cultural taboo about how we look at dating platforms. The video aims to change this preconceived notion about apps like Tinder by showing that it is just an easy way to meet different people, build new connections, find friends, and if you’re lucky as the protagonist of the story, maybe even meet the mother of your future kids.

The 11-minute video tells the extremely short story of Harish Chandra (his friends call him Harry), a coder looking for a date on Tinder. His swipes eventually take him on a date which places him in a wholly-new and recently discovered “co-founder zone” of a relationship. His date is an aspiring blogger who suggests he become her tech partner and that she will manage the content. He obviously turns her down, but Harish Chandra swipes on.

The video is yet another brand collaboration by TVF. Be it Common Floor for their 2014 production Permanent Roommates, or Uber, Vistaprint, Kingfisher and One Plus One for their 2015 series, TVF Pitchers, TVF’s subtle humour and viralability provides brands with the perfect platform to talk to their audience.

Much of the audience of the video is on Tinder. They can relate to the situations depicted and have probably been in similar situations themselves. But there are also those who are skeptical about the app, and for them the video is a demo of sorts – it goes on to say that as the way we communicate has changed, so has the way we meet, and date people around the world. It really is about building meaningful relationships, as Harish Chandra finds out one fine day, while browsing on Tinder.