Consider how active Priyanka Chopra has been on her Twitter account, apart from a hectic filming schedule for the latest Baywatch movie in Hollywood even as her film Jai Gangaajal has been released in India. In other news, there is her career in pop music, her appearance on various red carpets, the People’s Choice Award for her television show Quantico, her presentation of an award at the 88th Oscars, and her gustatory moment on The Tonight Show.

The show that brought Chopra to the notice of average Americans is back with new episodes. The second half of the first season of the thriller revolving around Federal Bureau of Investigation recruits will unfold again on the Star World, Star World HD and Star World Premiere television channels on March 12 at 9pm.


The episode is titled Alex, which takes after the name of Chopra’s character Alex Parrish. She is the prime suspect in a terrorist attack, and is put on trial. Alex reverses her testimony about her colleague Elias Harper (Rick Cosnett), who was previously suspected of having an accomplice in the bombings which killed 32 FBI agents. An anonymous caller leads to a further twist about the person who is behind the bombings.

Alex is riddled with the clichés of the dishonoured cop – she drinks a lot, looks haggard, sobs and mopes, and generally teeters on the edge. Chopra shows true grit and handles her part with conviction. She stands out among her fellow actors with wan faces and poor acting chops, making it look like a cakewalk. Her lustrous hair makes heads turn when she enters a room.

With Quantico, Chopra has made herself a household name outside India. “I am a little – I won’t say arrogant – self-assured,” she said in a recent interview. It’s the only way to judge her many roles, starting with the series that has launched her internationally.