It’s time to press rewind on the last seven days.

Film school: Liberty, equality and fraternity enter a multi-racial classroom in ‘The Class’

Laurent Cantet’s 2008 Cannes Film Festival winner is a complex study of difficult students and a teacher struggling to communicate with them. Read more here.

‘Temple of Doom’ is the Indiana Jones movie that Indians won’t forget in a hurry

Set in colonial India, the 1984 movie features Amrish Puri as a murderous priest of a Kali-worshipping cult and snakes, spiders and monkey brains on the menu. Read more here.

Konkani filmmakers are buying themselves a dream run by going beyond the multiplex

Ticketed screenings at multipurpose venues are extending the shelf life of films such as ‘Nachom-ia-Kumpasar’ and ‘Home Sweet Home 2’. Read more here.

How to make blind people ‘see’ films: it’s really not that hard

The audio description-enhanced screening of the movie ‘Awesome Mausam’ puts the spotlight on disability-friendly entertainment. Read more here.

In Bollywood’s world of hushed separations, noisy divorces are on the rise

Behold the new star wife: she is no more ‘Mrs So-and-so’ but willing to walk out when things get really ugly. Read more here.